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Atlis signs distributer AusMV to sell XT pickup in SEA


US manufacturer Atlis Motor Vehicles has found a distributor in the Southeast Asia and Oceania region as the company announces a collaboration agreement with Australian Manufactured Vehicles (AusMV). AusMV will buy XT pickup trucks and complete right-hand drive production in Australia.

AusMV will purchase over 19,000 XT electric pickups from Atlis through 2025 and says it will provide expertise in compliance and certification and support in service and charging infrastructure for the Australian market. AusMV is an Australian distributor for vehicles remanufactured to right-hand drive and claims to run one of the largest service networks on the continent, focusing on American pickups and muscle cars.

Mark Hanchett, CEO and founder of Atlis, commented on the exclusive partnership: “Many traditional automakers have overlooked Australia when launching new EVs for a variety of reasons, but we see things differently.” He added, the company would not need legislative imperatives and other incentives to ship vehicles to Australia and “AusMV knows how to get them into owners’ hands.”

His counterpart, Eddie Kocwa, Managing Director of AusMV, pointed to Atlis having “an innovative product and a solid business plan that covers not only the vehicle production but also, battery manufacturing and charging technology that is suited to Australia’s conditions.”

Atlis Motor Vehicles indeed continues to work on its fully electric vehicle platform, proprietary battery cells and packs. The recent claims include the XT prototype will be revealed this year, and production will begin in 2022.

This is a year later than initially envisioned when Atlis presented the all-electric XT pickup in 2019. In 2020, the company published pricing ranging from $45,000 over $58,000 to $69,000 depending on battery size but without adding technical data.

A year later, Atlis said it was setting up a pilot battery production in Arizona and this summer found Elettricars Motor Company, an Italian/American-based electric vehicle manufacturer, interested in purchasing its battery packs for installation into its lightweight EVs as reported.


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