Juice World Charging Day 2021: E-Mobility-Security

The topic of e-mobility security takes centre stage on Juice World Charging Day 2021. Juice Technology, which is known for innovative charging solutions and has dominated the market for mobile 22 kW charging stations for years with the Juice Booster 2, is giving the rather mundane chapter a cool cyberpunk touch. The recently opened “Happening Place” Sugar Mountain in a former concrete factory in the southwest of Munich provides the appropriate backdrop for the event around cyber security and charging infrastructure.

Security needs attention, especially the cybersecurity aspect. Although the topic is more important than ever, the majority of companies within the industry have not focused on it enough. In addition to Juice founder and CEO Christoph Erni, cybersecurity expert Prof. Thomas R. Köhler will also provide an overview of the current state of affairs. The speakers will show why there is still such a great need for action in terms of cybersecurity, especially in the e-mobility industry. The event can be followed via live stream from 14:50 here.

This year’s Juice World Charging Day showed: the security aspect has been an integral part of Juice’s DNA since its inception. The technology company recognised early on that the core of charging technology lies not in the mere assembly of electronic components but in the software. As part of its 3-level concept, Juice therefore takes a holistic view of the safety of electromobility and includes user safety and data security in addition to mechanical safety.

The background is clear: charging infrastructure cannot be thought of in isolation, because it is embedded in a network of electricity providers, billing service providers, automobile manufacturers and end customers. In the process, all agents are increasingly becoming nodes in the growing Internet of Things (IoT). In the case of vehicles and charging stations, that is, in an area where hardware meets software, a lack of security is not without problems. And the threat situation sets a precedence and demands being armed against cyber-attacks.

The world of electric mobility is booming. Young start-ups or purely hardware manufacturers who’ve never focused that closely on software often underestimate the diverse range of sources of cyber threats that deficient software security can pose. “The far-reaching consequences of cyber-attacks can be devastating: Besides the damage or even loss of data or failure of computers and entire systems, company operational processes are adversely impacted. The resultant loss of productivity can be dramatic – not to mention the damage to the company’s image”, explains Christoph Erni. As someone who originated in the IT sector, he’s well familiar with this topic.

Juice follows a “software first” and “security-by-design” approach. The security aspect is thus an integral part of their product planning and development. The company ensures that electromobility is easily accessible to all and secure in every respect.



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