Circontrol extends HQ in Barcelona with new testing lab

Spanish charging station maker Circontrol is progressing on its extension works for a new facility, which will double the production capacity for fast charge equipment. The works are expected to be finished in October.

The extension of Circontrol’s headquarters will grow the Barcelona site by 2,000m2 to then measure nine square meters. The new unit will include a new testing laboratory for charging equipment and a car park with 100 kWp solar carports and 16 charging stations so that 32 EVs can charge on-site.

The company also pointed out that, in 2020, it had designed an electric vehicle simulator that transforms the charging energy into alternating current, which is then re-injected into the grid. Circontrol estimates the installation to save around 140,000 kW/h per year. “Our work is directly linked to sustainability and energy efficiency, so we must also use electricity efficiently and design solutions that allow us to save energy and not waste it,” said Núria Comellas of Circontrol.

The new lab will serve to test new charging equipment, for example, in climatic chamber tests with outputs of up to 350 kW. “This new laboratory will enable us to ensure the proper functioning of our equipment with any vehicle and in any situation,” explained Comellas. “Plus, it was necessary for us to have a more technologically advanced laboratory, as 20% of our sales come from products that are less than a year old, further underlining our commitment to innovation to develop more advanced solutions.”

For example, Circontrol launched the 25 kW eVolve Rapid charging station in April this year, claiming it to act as a DC (however slow) solution at the size of an AC charger.

The company, in today’s announcement, also said its workforce increased by 13.5% since January, mostly with engineering professionals providing “a strong boost to R&D”. 38% of employees are working on R&D to date, and the company expects to close in 2021 with more than 210 employees. However, while the company claims the new facility will help double its output, it has yet to disclose actual production data. (extension), (eVolve)


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