Fassmer & Torqeedo present electric ferry concept


Fassmer Shipyard and Torqeedo have announced an all-electric ferry concept for public transport. The Fassmer CIT-E Ferry can accommodate up to 100 passengers and is to be powered by an integrated propulsion system from Torqeedo.

The Deep Blue propulsion system with steerable rudder propeller delivers 100 kW of continuous power and can turn up to 360 degrees, so the CIT-E Ferry is said to be easy to manoeuvre even in narrow urban waterways.

The Fassmer CIT-E Ferry is said to be fully ES-TRIN 2021 compliant. The electric ferry can accommodate up to 100 passengers. The modular concept is said to allow customers to choose the overall length of the vessel from 12 to 24 metres, depending on the route and needs.

The catamaran hull designed by Judel/Vrolijk & Co. is said to allow speeds of up to 25 km/h. Depending on the total battery capacity, a daily operating time of 14 hours without recharging could be achieved. The Deep Blue batteries can reach capacities between 80 kWh and 1 MWh.

In addition, the variable interior design is said to allow the operator to accommodate all individual customer and route needs, with a flexible number of seats and standing places, space for wheelchairs, bicycles and prams, an LED lighting system, air conditioning and an infotainment system. Toilets, kiosks and snack vending machines can be integrated into the design for longer trips or excursion boats.



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Paulo da Costa atherino
24.12.2021 um 17:47
Onde posso consultar os valores da balsa CIT-E da Fassmer?

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