Hyundai pilots EV customer care systems in Singapore


In Singapore, Hyundai and partners SP Group and Komoco Motors are trialling customer care packages with the ‘E-mobility Pilot’. A total of 50 long-range Ioniq 5 electric cars will be involved in the program which mainly includes charging and maintenance packages.

Hyundai says that the aim of the pilot is: “to identify real-world customer concerns and requirements for enhancing customer value and experience and establishing a robust EV ecosystem in the city state.”

The pilot will be run over a 5 year period. SP Group operates Singapore’s largest fast-charging network and will be responsible for providing customer charging solutions for pilot participants. Participants will be able to choose from three charging plans of 60kWh, 180kWh and 300kWh per month.

Maintenance services are another part of the plan, which will be provided by Komoco Motors. This will cover, for example, vehicle to vehicle (V2V) mobile charging service for cars that get stranded without a charge, along with “preventative maintenance” services.

“Hyundai Motor Group is strengthening partnerships with various partners in Singapore, not only to promote innovation in the overall value chain of the automobile industry but also to introduce new mobility solutions that accelerate future mobility,” said Hong Bum Jung, Chief Executive Officer of Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore (HMGICS). “Starting from the E-mobility pilot, we will create the diverse EV ecosystems that are designed by and built for Singapore.”


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