Smaller battery options for Mercedes eVito & EQV

Mercedes-Benz is now offering smaller batteries for two of its larger people movers. The eVito Tourer and EQV can now both be ordered with a usable battery capacity of 60 kWh, as an alternative to the eVito Tourer and EQV with 90 kWh usable battery capacity.

The new variants with the smaller battery obviously have less range but are also lighter with more payload. Mercedes says this makes them more interesting for customers who cover easy-to-plan routes or who only drive short distances, such as in school transport operations.

The eVito with the 60kW battery has a range of up to 239 kilometres and what Mercedes says is a weight saving of 150 kg as well as a corresponding payload increase. The standard data for the Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer for either battery type is that it is powered by an electric motor with 150 kW and has a top speed is 140 km/h. Here, for those on German roads with our still-open speed limits on Autobahns, there is an option of up to 160 km/h. Also standard is that the eVito Tourer charges at a DC charging point with a charging power of up to 50 kW. Optionally, up to 80 kW is also available, which means that a charging process from 10 to 80 per cent should take about 35 minutes.

The Mercedes-Benz EQV is also powered by an electric motor with an output of 150 kW. Like the eVito Tourer, this people mover has top speed of 140 km/h as standard and an option for up to 160 km/h. With a usable capacity of 60 kWh, the people mover should be possible to cover up to 236 kilometres of range. As standard, the EQV charges with the small battery at a DC charging option of up to 80 kW. However, the DC charging power of 110 kW as with the large battery is not available as an option. On the AC side, up to 11 kW is possible with the three-phase onboard charger.

The smaller batteries also mean smaller prices. In Germany, the eVito Tourer with the smaller battery starts at 60,678.10 euros for the long version and 61,570.60 euros for the extra-long version before. The base price for the EQV, on the other hand, is 67,818.10 euros for the long version and 68,710.60 euros for the extra-long version. All before country-specific e-mobility subsidies.

Included with the model is a maintenance package for four years, which is supposed to cover the costs of maintenance work during this period in accordance with the service booklet and manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, there is a Mercedes-Benz Battery Certificate guarantee for up to 160,000 kilometres or eight years.


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