VW Commercial Vehicles launches pre-series production of T7 PHEV

The first production vehicles of the new Multivan presented in June have rolled off the production line at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. This is the first time a Multivan with a plug-in hybrid has been produced at the Hanover plant.

As reported, the new Multivan is based for the first time on the VW Group’s MQB platform, which is actually intended for passenger car models. The switch to the MQB makes it easier for the Multivan T7 to adopt the PHEV drive and numerous assistants from the passenger car models.

The passenger car platform does not allow for such high payloads as required by a Transporter or the California camper conversion. Therefore, the T6.1 for these applications – without PHEV – will remain in the range. The T7, on the other hand, will be aimed at private customers. When the all-electric ID. Buzz is added, VW will thus offer three different vans in the five-metre class.

The integration of the new Multivan into the production processes and the set-up of new production facilities took place in parallel to the ongoing production at the plant. “This was a challenging task for all of us at the site, which was implemented to the letter,” says Josef Baumert, board member for production and logistics at VWN. Despite the challenges posed by the Corona pandemic and the sometimes strained parts supply, series production of the new Multivan has now started according to plan.

However, the reconstruction of the VWN main plant is not finished with the production of the MQB models: Preparations are currently underway for the production of the ID. Buzz next year. The T6.1, the T7 Multivan, the ID. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo will be produced together on two main lines. “This is a planning and logistical masterstroke,” says Baumert.

In addition to the commercial vehicles, VWN’s Hanover plant is also preparing for the production of other electric models from other Group brands. The production of fully electric premium models for other group brands is planned from 2025, as VW Commercial Vehicles confirms in the current announcement. However, no models are mentioned. According to various reports, the model in question is the electric sedan that Audi is developing under the project name ‘Landjet‘. Offshoots for Porsche or Bentley may also be built in Hanover.



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