DFDS orders 100 FM Electric trucks


Volvo Trucks has announced its largest-ever order for electric trucks, with Northern European shipping and logistics company DFDS ordering 100 Volvo FM Electric trucks for delivery between late 2022 and 2023. The large order follows a successful customer trial.

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The Volvo FM Electric will be used by DFDS on both short- and long-haul services within Europe from 2022. Volvo’s electric 44-tonne truck has a range of up to 300 kilometres. Volvo says that DFDS is handling the financing of the order through a bid submitted by Volvo Financial Services.

Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks said: “Together we are showing the world that electrified heavy truck transport is a viable solution already today. I believe this will encourage many more customers to confidently take the first step in their own electrification journey.”

DFDS and Volvo Trucks already announced a cooperation in June, in which the logistics company will be the first customer to use a Volvo FM Electric in freight transport, in turn, to deliver for Volvo itself: The electric truck delivers components to the Volvo truck factory near Gothenburg. The daily route will initially cover 120 kilometres, it was said when the customer trial was announced four months ago.

DFDS provides ferry and transport services in and around Europe and employs around 10,000 people in more than 20 countries. The company, which is listed on the Danish stock exchange, has its headquarters in Copenhagen.

At its home depot in Gothenburg, DFDS has already installed a charging station with an output of 350 kW built for customer testing. The company has not provided any information on the charging concept for the fleet, which has now grown to 100 units. In June, Andersson said: “We understand that charging capacity is important. The experience with Volvo will be of value to us in building an overall system, as we can concretely evaluate the battery capacity of vehicles based on routes and individual tasks.”

With the sales launch of the three new heavy-duty electric truck models FH, FM and FMX just under a year ago, Volvo Trucks now has a line-up of six medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks ranging from 16 to 44 tonnes. Production of the FH, FM and FMX is scheduled to start in the second half of 2022. These will join the Volvo FL Electric and FE Electric for urban transport that have already been in series production for Europe since 2019. In North America, sales of a dedicated variant – the Volvo VNR Electric – started in December 2020.

Volvo says that several hundred trucks over 16 tonnes have already been registered in Europe this year – of which about 40 per cent are Volvo electric trucks. “Our clear aim is to drive the electric truck transformation and our market-leading position shows that we are definitely on the right track,” says Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks. “Our goal for 2030 is for half of our global truck deliveries to be electric. We are pleased that the growing interest of our customers is gradually translating into firm orders, not least through this impressive order from DFDS.”

Update 22 December 2021:

Northern European shipping and logistics company DFDS has increased its large order for electric trucks from Volvo Trucks. Having already ordered 100 Volvo FM Electric in October, DFDS is now ordering a further 25 units of the electric truck. Deliveries of the vehicles are scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2022, according to Volvo Trucks. The new trucks will be used for transports in the DFDS logistics system in Europe.

As reported above, the FM Electric is an e-truck with a gross vehicle weight of 44 tons. The range is up to 300 kilometres. As the FM Electric is fast-charging capable, Volvo states that up to 500 kilometres are possible in a working day – for example, with one charging operation during the lunch break.

“Green investments in the heavy transport industry are a prerequisite to reach the emissions reductions needed for DFDS, customers, and society. Our partnership with Volvo Trucks allows DFDS to invest further in green transport solutions, already in high demand among customers. We hope such investments increase the demand for green infrastructure solutions across Europe,” says Niklas Andersson, Executive Vice President and Head of Logistics Division at DFDS.

Update 6 March 2023

Volvo Trucks has delivered 20 heavy-duty electric trucks to logistics company DFDS in Gothenburg, Sweden. The 20 vehicles of the type FM Electric are part of the above-mentioned order for 125 electric trucks. Fourteen of the electric trucks will be used to transport goods to and from Volvo Trucks’ assembly plant in Gothenburg. The manufacturer is aiming for a fossil-free supply chain by 2040, while DFDS hopes to become carbon neutral by 2050.

The manufacturer recently announced it had sold 4,300 electric trucks to customers in 38 countries since production began in 2019.

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