Genoa orders e-buses from Solaris for the first time


Solaris announced it had won a tender to supply 30 e-buses to public transport operator ATM in Genoa. The coastal city wants to replace its entire fleet with electric buses by 2025. The contract value exceeds 15 million euros and continues a string of orders from Italy.

The new Solaris e-buses will join the fleet of AMT (Azienda Mobilità e Trasporti SpA) in Genoa as early as the first quarter of 2022. A partner to Solaris since 2013, the new order still marks the first time AMT has opted for electric vehicles.

“I am delighted that Genoa has decided to transform public transport with Solaris,” said Alberto Fiore, Managing Director of Solaris Italia. “It is worth emphasizing that our products received the maximum number of points in the tender technical evaluation, which is one of the reasons why Solaris’ offer turned out to be the winner – despite strong competition,” he added.

The carrier decided to use Solaris’s classic model Urbino 12 Electric and opted for High Energy batteries with a capacity of over 250 kWh. The buses will recharge via a plug-in connector. Each Urbino 12 electric in Genoa will have two plug-in connectors – on the right and left above the front wheel arch. The drive unit takes the form of a 220 kW central motor.

While a first for Genoa, Solaris claims it delivered more than half of the electric buses that run on Italian streets today and that in 2020 it had almost 70 per cent of the electric bus market share.

The most significant order from Italy to date had come from Milan and a contract again with ATM. The operatorÄs local branch in 2020 had concluded a framework agreement for up to 250 electric buses. The first 40 electric buses ordered under this contract have already been delivered by Solaris to Milan as reported.


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