Eve Urban Air announces partnership with Avantto

Electric air taxi manufacturer Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions is partnering with private aircraft operator Avantto to develop an urban air mobility ecosystem for Latin America. The partnership also includes an order for 100 eVTOL air taxis, with deliveries scheduled to begin in 2026.

Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions is a subsidiary of Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer, which was founded in October 2020 as Embraer’s innovation incubator and is based in the US. The company’s eVTOL is a four-seater that will initially be manually controlled but will also be able to fly autonomously in the future. Further details about the air taxi are not yet known.

Eve has now signed a memorandum of understanding with Avantto, a Brazilian operator of private aircraft, in the course of which the partners intend to prepare the deployment of eVTOLs in Latin America – with a special focus on Brazil. The first step is to initiate a broad collaboration with all stakeholders affected by the plans, including municipalities, interest groups and authorities. In addition, the planning of so-called vertiports, i.e. the entry and exit points of the future air taxi service, is also on the agenda of the two partners.

“Avantto has been a great partner for Embraer Executive Jets, and we are reinforcing this bond with a shared focus on sustainability in this next generation of transportation,” states Andre Stein, President and CEO of Eve. “The strength of Avantto’s experience in operations, coupled with their growth strategy, make an ideal partner for the future expansion of Eve’s eVTOL deployment in Brazil and across Latin America.”

Avantto says it has “more than 400 active members”, to whom it offers round-the-clock standby flights for short-haul helicopter transport within cities. On average, they complete 1,400 take-offs per month – with both jets and helicopters – and fly over 850,000 kilometres per year.

The new partnership is accompanied by a conditional order for more than 100 eVTOL air taxis, with deliveries scheduled to begin in 2026. This is not Eve’s first potential order this year: in June, Halo Aviation and Helisul Aviation already ordered a total of up to 250 units of Eve’s vertical take-off and landing electric air taxi. In these cases, too, deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2026.

Halo Aviation, a helicopter tour operator in the US and UK, has placed an order with Eve for 200 eVTOL air taxis. Half will be deployed for the operator in the US and half in the UK in the future. Beyond the order, Eve and Halo intend to collaborate on the development of future eVTOL flight operations, an air traffic management system, and Eve’s fleet operations and services product offering.

Helisul Aviation, for its part, ordered up to 50 units of the electric aerial taxi and also plans to start air taxi operations in Brazil with the aircraft from 2026. With around 50 helicopters, the company is considered one of the largest civil helicopter operators in South America. Beyond the order, Helisul and Eve have agreed to first simulate eVTOL flight operations with helicopters.



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