Mercedes Benz Vans UK partners with EO Charging

Mercedes Benz Vans UK has now partnered up with EO Charging to provide their van drivers with chargers, charge point management software and ongoing support and maintenance.

The new partnership with EO Charging is supposed to benefit UK customers purchasing a Mercedes electric van. This includes both individual drivers charging at home as well as fleet operators with one or more depots.

For those charging domestic power supply at home an AC EO charge point will be supplied and installed free of charge. For those operating a depot with more than one vehicle, EO chargers can be purchased at the Mercedes-Benz official retail network at “attractive rates.” Mercedes Benz Vans UK did not disclose more information about the types of chargers or options in their announcement about the partnership, but this presumably also concerns DC fast-charging stations.

Charlie Jardine, CEO and Founder of EO, commented: “Making the switch to an electric vehicle can be daunting for businesses and the everyday EV driver. Too often do drivers leave a dealership without having received any education on how charging works – we want to put a stop to this in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Vans.”

Earlier this month, EO Charging announced it will be supplying the UK grocery store chain Tesco with more than 200 EC fast chargers and 5 DC rapid chargers for its home delivery fleet of electric vans.

Last month, the British business unit of the parcel service provider Hermes has ordered 168 Mercedes-Benz eSprinters. The electric vans are to go into operation before the end of the year. The order is being handled by the Mercedes dealer Intercounty Truck & Van.


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