Brandenburg gigafactory granted two more preliminary approvals

In two further approvals of the early start, the Brandenburg State Office for the Environment has granted permission for the construction of further parts of the Tesla vehicle factory. In addition, the operational capability of other parts of the plant that have already been built may be checked.

According to the Brandenburg State Office for the Environment, the two decisions on the “17th and 19th approvals of early commencement (ZvB)” have decided on all pending applications. The two approved permits concern the wastewater pre-treatment plant and the installation of technical building equipment in the area of the central supply and disposal building. “The construction of pipe bridges, including pipes, fittings and pumps, can now also take place,” the LfU said.

The foundry and paint shop facilities that have already been built may also be tested. For this purpose, “temporary auxiliary facilities” such as compressors, coolers, cylinder bundles for storing technical gases and heating centres may be used. The tests will mainly involve pressure tests on pipes and containers in the paint shop.

According to the LfU, it is not yet clear when the final permit will be issued – the tests in the final approval procedure are still ongoing. At present, the objections from the online consultation, which ended on 14 October, are still being examined. However, as reported, this will be repeated from 2 November for reasons of legal certainty. “A date for a decision cannot yet be given,” says the State Office for the Environment. (in German)


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