TotalEnergies to install DC chargers at highways in France


The French oil and gas giant, now rebranded as TotalEnergies, announced an investment of €200 million to equip its highway gas station with DC fast charging points. The plan includes more than 150 motorway service stations in France to become EV-ready by end-2022.

TotalEnergies plans installation of 50 kW and 175 kW charging stations at 60 of the 150 locations is by the end of this year. Following the first phase of the project, which will cover the 60 locations in question by the turn of the year, the remaining 110 service stations will be equipped with charging points by the end of 2022 – but then exclusively with 175-kW chargers. The number of charging points Total plans to install per site and, based on this, at all 150 sites cumulatively, is not clear from the energy group’s announcement.

Further expansion throughout 2023 will see TotalEnergies equip a total of 200 service stations with EV charge points delivering 175 – 300 kW on major roads, along with 100 additional high-power charging hubs in urban areas. TotalEnergies said this was reaffirming its ambition to offer its customers a fast-charging station every 150 kilometres.

“Thanks to the revenue generated from our oil and gas businesses, we can massively invest in electric vehicles charging infrastructures and accelerate our transformation,” underlines Alexis Vovk, President Marketing & Services at TotalEnergies. (Total generated about $140Bn (€120Bn) revenue in 2020.)

Vovk also pointed out the new plan would contribute to the French authorities’ 100,000 Charge Points Plan, which French President Emmanuel Macron had laid out in May 2020 as reported. Then in October Macron confirmed a commitment to renewing the mobility sector when he budgeted four billion euros out of a 30-billion-euro package for transport.

Total’s involvement in the e-mobility sector recently expanded to China but is primarily focused on Europe and an expansion mainly through takeovers. In June, Total won the concession from the city of Amsterdam to expand its existing public charging network. Under the contract there, Total will add 1,100 new charging stations or 2,200 new charging points to the network.

TotalEnergies made similar deals in Paris and London. By 2025, the company aims to operate more than 150,000 charging points for electric cars. Total focuses on fast charging points at petrol stations and the B2B business with charging points in company car parks in Germany.


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