Aiways is coming to Switzerland in 2022

The Chinese manufacturer Aiways will also sell its battery-electric SUVs in Switzerland from next year in cooperation with Alcomotive as its exclusive distribution partner. The electric SUV Aiways U5 will be available in Switzerland from the beginning of 2022, the electric SUV coupé Aiways U6 will follow suit.

Aiways is currently represented in Europe in Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. In Germany, Aiways is known to rely on direct sales – partner Euronics is only responsible for test drives and showroom vehicles in this country. Service is provided by the other partner A.T.U. There are no classic dealers or showrooms.

By the way, Aiways does not mention direct sales in its announcement of the launch in Switzerland. Instead, Olivier Sermeus, COO at Alcomotive, says: “With our distribution experience in Switzerland, we aim to establish an extensive Aiways dealer network and we are confident to make a success to the brand in the Swiss market.” So there is talk of dealers. Alcomotive is a joint venture between the Spanish company Bergé Auto and the Belgian company Alcopa.

“We’ve had our eye on the Swiss market for a while now, and we are delighted to partner with Alcomotive,” says Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President of Overseas Operations at Aiways.” Our exciting products and their proven track record in sales and marketing will give us the best chance of attracting new EV buyers to the Aiways brand. Also, our 2022 European expansion is in full swing with Switzerland and there will be more markets to follow – even this year.”

After the launch of the U6 next year, a new electric model will be launched in Europe every year. However, Aiways has not yet announced what will happen after the U6.


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