Voi presents plan to become climate positive by 2030


The Swedish electric scooter provider Voi Technology wants to achieve climate positivity without certificate offsets by 2030. In addition to switching to local battery production and fully electric logistics, the company plans to further expand its integration with public transport through mobility stations.

Voi understands climate positivity to mean that more greenhouse gas emissions are avoided through the company’s sharing activities than are generated in the value chain. To this end, the Swedish provider is now presenting a series of measures. These include joining the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), in the course of which Voi wants to develop supra-regional approaches for the interaction of e-scooters and local transport with public transport stakeholders. Voi emphasises that it is the first e-scooter provider to join this association.

Voi’s first step towards this integration with local public transport are mobility stations at railway and bus junctions, which consist of parking areas with scooter stands. At these key points, “public transport and scooter sharing could benefit from each other and together replace car journeys”, they say. After a pilot project in Bad Cannstatt with the participation of Voi, DB Digital subsidiary Mobimeo and the S-Bahn Stuttgart, Voi has already set up such stations in Berlin, Leipzig and Stuttgart.

Further building blocks for climate positivity by 2030 are the zero-emission operation of its logistics fleet by the beginning of 2023, which Voi has already announced, the sourcing of battery cells from Europe, also by 2023, as well as the conversion of the supply chain to renewable energy and the establishment of closed-loop production by 2030. Already today, Voi says, it is one of the few suppliers that source its e-bikes from Europe. “And we are working on plans to source e-scooters from Europe in the future.”

Voi has been calling itself a climate-neutral service since January 2020. In doing so, it says, compliance with climate targets will be monitored by the Science Based Targets organisation. “Voi’s e-scooters and e-bikes are already playing a critical role in cities in providing convenient and sustainable alternatives to cars. Climate change presents a serious threat to the liveability of cities around the world and we want to do everything in our power to take action,” expresses Fredrik Hjelm, CEO and co-founder of Voi. “We want to go beyond carbon neutrality through offsets and become a climate-positive company. We’ll do this by implementing new climate measures such as sourcing European-made battery cells and circular vehicles.”

Since 2018 to date, more than 70 million journeys have been made with Voi vehicles, according to the company. In order to provide users with information about the environmental impact of their mobility decisions in the future, the Voi app in Germany will provide information about the greenhouse gas savings per electric scooter trip.

With reporting by Cora Werwitzke, France.


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