German carmakers lobby against short-term climate targets


The British think tank Influencemap found that the German auto industry is double-dealing when it comes to climate protection. While publicly supporting the Paris Agreement, such manufacturers also actively lobby against climate protection regulations.

While increasingly expressing general support for the Paris Agreement and long-term climate targets, new research by Influencemap suggests that BMW and the VDA in particular have been lobbying to weaken short-term climate protection regulation.

Further, the think tank found that BMW has emerged as the German automotive sector’s leading opponent of climate policy. While the German automotive industry has increasingly stated top-line support for the Paris Agreement and long-term climate targets – key groups like BMW and the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) have advocated weakening near-term climate regulations to reach such goal, particularly higher CO2 emissions standards for light-duty vehicles and ICE phase-out dates., (report, pdf)

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about „German carmakers lobby against short-term climate targets“
Kel Dommage
16.11.2021 um 08:42
Of note: "Negative climate policy engagement (with climate policy engagement scores in brackets on a scale of A to F) appears to be led by BMW (D), which has actively opposed key European climate policies in 2019-21. This is followed by Daimler (D) which has failed to disclose key climate policy positions and engagement. In contrast, Volkswagen (C) has mixed but increasingly positive climate policy engagement."For the British "the Germans" are often all the same, but there are important distinctions and they should be emphasised.

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