Nov 22, 2021 - 03:42 pm

EdisonFuture presented two concepts at LA Auto

The electric vehicle startup EdisonFuture has debuted two concept vehicles at the LA Auto Show, aiming to bring both models to market in 2025. The EF1-T is an electric pickup, and the EF1-V is an electric delivery van.

While the EF1-T is reminiscent of the Tesla Cybertruck and other pickup truck models, the EF1-V looks more akin to a long-stretched van (some may see a hearse). This also means that it features significant storage space.

EdisonFuture is an EV subsidiary brand created by Phoenix Motor in Ontario, Canada. EdisonFuture thus joins Phoenix Motorcars as half of a dual-brand strategy under the same larger EV umbrella. Phoenix Motorcars also exists as a wholly-owned subsidiary of SPI Energy, which focuses on renewable energy. Thus the parent company can use its solar power to charge customers’ vehicles.

What is more, EdisonFuture’s new vehicles notably feature solar panels on the roof. The company says these could provide 25-35 additional miles of range each day “under sunny conditions”. At the same time, nothing is known about the battery.

Edison claims the EF1-T Standard does 0-60 mph in under 6.5 seconds, the EF1-TP Premium in 4.5 seconds, and the EF1-TS Super in 3.9 seconds. The towing capacity ranges between 7,500 lbs on the base model and 11,000 lbs on the top of the range.

According to the EdisonFuture team, the vehicle design was based on feedback from its commercial fleet customers through Phoenix Motorcars. However, this is a very early development iteration, and the production versions will vary based on consumer feedback. The company’s open approach to the market will help them, as they are somewhat late to the party.

“EdisonFuture is here to provide innovative, bold, and sustainable options for consumers,” said Chief Marketing Officer Jose Paul Plackal, adding: “There are other manufacturers in the truck segment, and we applaud those efforts. In addition, the EV space is growing at such a rapid pace, so there is an opportunity for numerous OEMs to address the demand.”

Both concepts are planned to launch as serial versions by 2025; however, the company has commented that the LA Auto Show held significantly more interest for the electric pickup truck model over the electric transporter.,,


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