Allego to build fast chargers at 200 Carrefour locations

Allego is to build a total of more than 2,000 fast-charging points for electric cars with outputs between 75 and 300 kW at more than 200 locations in France by 2023 for the French retailer Carrefour. In addition to building the network, Allego will also be responsible for its operation and maintenance over a period of twelve years.

In addition to the fast charging points, there will also be an unspecified number of 22 kW charging points as well as a free service for charging “light electric vehicles such as e-bikes, kick-e-scooters and electric scooters” – i.e. presumably via normal sockets. The 22 kW chargers are also to be free for customers with a Carrefour customer card for the first hour. No such arrangement is mentioned for the DC charging points, so these will probably be chargeable from the start.

The total investment is stated at 138 million euros. About 55 million euros will be financed by a “green loan” from seven banks. For the financing, Allego has founded the special financial vehicle “AssetCo” together with the parent company Meridiam. French investor Meridiam had acquired Allego in 2018.

“This project is in line with our mission to improve sustainability and is an excellent example of the actionable initiatives we are implementing to support the energy transition in France,” says Thierry Déau, Chairman, CEO and Founder of Meridiam. “Our joint commitment with Allego and Carrefour will allow us to carry out a massive roll-out of electric vehicle charging stations across France and Europe.”

Allego CEO Mathieu Bonnet added: “The combination of shopping and charging has proven to be extremely popular with EV drivers. We are seeing this pattern in other parts of Europe as well, and we will continue our active development in this market segment.”

Similar projects are also underway in Germany: in Berlin, Allego had commissioned the charging park in front of the Metro shops there, announced in February, at the end of October. It includes eight DC connections (four HPC charging points each with up to 300 kW and 150 kW power respectively) and ten AC charging points with up to 22 kW. Then, in mid-November, a partnership with supermarket chain Rewe was announced to install HPC at 100 branches of the supermarket chain.


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