Bordeaux Métropole ordes 36 VDL electric buses

The French municipal association Bordeaux Métropole has ordered 36 electric articulated buses of the recently launched Citea generation from VDL Bus & Coach for a new express bus route. VDL will also be responsible for all charging equipment at the terminals and depot.

The estimated total order value reaches 40.3 million euros. The buses are scheduled for delivery in 2023 and entry into service in 2024. Earlier this year, VDL received the first order for the new generation Citea electric from the Dutch transport company Hermes. These buses are based on a newly introduced electric platform that no longer integrates the batteries on the roof, but first and foremost in the floor. The new design is meant to create more space for passengers.

The new Citea is built in four length variants at VDL’s production facilities in the Netherlands and Belgium, and according to VDL, all vehicles have an operating radius of 500 to 600 kilometres over their entire period of use. Even though it is not explicitly mentioned, the electric buses headed for the greater Bordeaux area are likely to be the longest variant with a length of 18.1 metres since the city’s announcement talks about electric articulated buses. The 36 buses ordered are to be introduced together with the first express bus line of the metropolitan region in 2024 and commute between the Bordeaux Saint-Jean station and Saint-Aubin de Médoc.

Charging will take place via “pantograph-based rapid charging technology at the terminal stops” and with lower charging power at the depot.

In addition to the metropolis of Bordeaux, the French metropolitan area includes a total of 27 suburbs. The population within this metropolitan region is estimated to be around 800,000.


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