Karat Packaging orders ten Tesla Semis

California-based Karat Packaging, a manufacturer of disposable food products, has ordered ten Tesla Semis. The order is part of Karat Packaging’s plan to expand its logistics offerings geographically from its existing distribution centres in Texas, New Jersey and South Carolina, and to continue expanding in California.

Karat Packaging says it currently has 86 trucks and trailers and provides logistics services to about 100 of its customers in California. Karat’s primary reason for purchasing Tesla’s e-trucks is their advertised low cost of ownership.

“We are excited to incorporate alternative-fuel trucks into our fleet. This purchase represents our commitment to continue investing in environmentally friendly solutions,” said Alan Yu, chairman and chief executive officer. “Adding to Karat Packaging’s competitive advantage and the Company’s distinguishing characteristics, we are pleased to offer additional 3PL services to new and existing customers, particularly during the current supply chain environment.”

Exactly when the company will receive its ten Tesla Semis, however, remains to be seen. Production in larger quantities at Giga Texas is not planned until 2023. Since mid-December, small-scale pre-production has apparently already been underway near Gigagfactory 1 in Nevada. The first test vehicles for customers – probably including PepsiCo – are likely to be built there.



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