Rivian postpones deliveries of large-battery variants until 2023

Rivian has postponed deliveries of its R1T and R1S models with the largest battery to 2023. The reason is that most of the approximately 71,000 pre-orderers of the R1T and R1S in the US and Canada have chosen the medium battery option and will be prioritised.

This was announced by CEO RJ Scaringe in an email to customers. He said the largest battery version had only been chosen by about 20 per cent of customers. For this battery pack, an energy content of 180 kWh has reportedly been announced, which should enable a range of more than 400 miles (644 kilometres).

For the initially available ‘Launch Edition’ and the freely configurable ‘Explore’ and ‘Adventure’ trims, Rivian had only offered the medium battery pack with 135 kWh and 300 miles of range (482 kilometres) – called ‘Large’. How many customers opted for the basic 105 kWh battery (230 miles or 370 kilometres), which is also not yet offered, is not clear from the mail.

However, the prioritisation is not only about the battery, but also the equipment: according to Scaringe, the “vast majority” have configured an “Adventure package with a Large Pack battery”. It is precisely this combination that is to be built “as a priority” in 2022. So even pre-orderers of the cheaper ‘Explore’ package will have to wait until 2023.

Rivian had delivered the first examples of the R1T in autumn 2021 after some delays. The vehicles will be built at the former Mitsubishi plant in Normal, Illinois. In the meantime, it has been decided that the publicly listed company will build its second plant in the US state of Georgia. The location of the planned European plant has not yet been decided. At present, a takeover of the existing VDL NedCar plant seems the most likely option.



about „Rivian postpones deliveries of large-battery variants until 2023“
05.02.2022 um 18:05
I'm not interested until the 180 KWH battery pack is available.
Michael Russell
31.03.2022 um 23:26
Hi I was one of the first preorders but requested the large battery pack and am still waiting. Which is the most expensive and been put on wait list this is crazy as not to fill orders based on preorder times

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