Jan 10, 2022 - 01:09 pm

Tesla receives another preliminary approval for Giga Berlin

Tesla just received another preliminary approval for test production at Giga Berlin instead of the final approval for the entire project the company has been waiting for. This means that production at the Tesla factory in Texas is likely to start before production in Germany.

Tesla will be allowed to build another 2,000 Model Ys in Grünheide after the first 250 Model Ys from a previous pre-approval, according to the new document. Specifically, each of the 13 toolsets may produce 2,000 parts in the press shop. These parts may then be assembled in the body shop, painted in the paint shop and also go through final assembly.

However, the vehicles from the performance test may not be sold. According to reports, Tesla was not satisfied with the results of the first 250 Model Ys built in Grünheide and has therefore applied for another pre-approval for these 2,000 units in parallel to the final approval. “The parts and/or bodies manufactured or joined in the course of the plant tests exhibit a deficient quality that deviates significantly from the plant specifications,” the German federal environmental agency also writes.


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According to the Brandenburg authorities, they have had all the necessary documents and expert opinions for the final approval since the week before Christmas.

Since the pre-approval specifies an upper limit of 500 bodies per week for both the body shop and the paint shop, Tesla will therefore need at least four weeks to exhaust the quota. If the final approval arrives earlier and Tesla is satisfied with the vehicles built by then, series production of customer vehicles could start before the four weeks are up.

In recent weeks, Model Y Performance vehicles have been repeatedly photographed in a car park near the final assembly line, and some vehicles have also been spotted on a car transporter. At least one vehicle was reportedly taken to Norway for final winter testing.

With the renewed performance test in Grünheide, series production in Giga Texas could start earlier than in Grünheide, although the project there started much later. An American analyst wrote on Twitter at the weekend that, according to his information, the start of series production of the Model Y in Austin should take place in the next seven to ten days. “We believe the Model Y stamping machines and testing are already in place and mostly complete, green light for Tesla to launch Austin,” the analyst said. Below his tweet, buyers posted an updated indication that their US Model Y is due to be delivered between 11 February and 11 March – but whether this is indeed a Texas vehicle has not been confirmed.

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