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Fire statistics confirm EVs are safer


Even though burning electric cars often get a lot of attention in the media, the fire of an electric car is significantly less likely than that of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. This not-so-new finding was confirmed by a recent analysis of car fires in the US.

The findings went beyond simply comparing EVs and ICEs, however, as the study also found that hybrid vehicles have the most vehicle fires per 100K vehicle sales, followed by gas vehicles, with 3,500 vs 1,500 per 100k vehicles registered, respectively. In total numbers, however, gas vehicles stand far beyond the competition, although it bears mentioning that there are a lot more gas-powered cars on the road than hybrid ones with almost 200,000 fires going to ICE vehicles, 16,000 being attributed to hybrids and a grand total of 52 battery-electric vehicle fires.,


about „Fire statistics confirm EVs are safer“
04.03.2022 um 22:59
The AutoInsuranceEEZ study first says ICE cars are SIXTY times more likely to burn than Evs. Later it quotes Tesla claiming ICE cars are 11 times more likely to burn. Finally it says ICE cars are twice as likely to burn as EVs. So which is it? And do one out of every 30 hybrids really burn? And why haven't we heard any of this before?

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