Düsseldorf orders 8 more electric buses from Irizar

The Spanish manufacturer Irizar has revealed another electric bus order from Rheinbahn in Düsseldorf, Germany. The transport company has now ordered eight more examples of the 12-metre version of the ie bus.

According to Irizar, the new electric buses have a new generation of batteries and a reduced weight. The batteries are charged overnight. The buses will replace those lost in a fire at the depot last year.

According to previous reports, the 12-metre long solo buses can have batteries of up to 350 kWh installed. The drive has a maximum output of 180 kW. The solo bus has three doors, 26 seats and a wheelchair area. Including the standing room, a maximum of 77 passengers can be carried. The glazed side walls are intended to create a brighter and friendlier interior, and there are also USB charging points for passengers’ mobile devices.

These buses will be replacing those that were destroyed in a blaze that broke out in the bus depot in April last year. The fire destroyed a total of 38 buses causing damage of 50 million euros. Investigators have since confirmed that the electric buses and their charging processes were in no way responsible for the blaze which also destroyed considerably more diesel buses. The electric buses now on order are replacing the electric buses destroyed in the fire.

The original buses were purchased when Rheinbahn ordered ten examples of the 12-metre version of the ie bus from Irizar in 2019, which went into operation at the end of 2020. Klaus Klar, CEO of Rheinbahn said at the time: “We are pleased that with the new electric buses we are creating even more incentives for our passengers to opt for climate-friendly mobility and making Rheinbahn the first choice for mobility in Düsseldorf and the region.”



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