VW ID. Buzz rumoured to release under €60,000


Volkswagen wants to launch its ID. Buzz in September at an entry-level price of just under 60,000 euros, according to a media report. After the presentation of the model on 9 March, orders for the MEB van will apparently be accepted from May onwards.

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This is what the German publication Automobilwoche writes with reference to company circles. Even at the premiere in March, official prices are not expected; Volkswagen usually announces sales prices only at the start of ordering. According to the report, orders will be placed in May and deliveries will start in September.

Initially, the ID. Buzz will only be available with rear-wheel drive – and only in the 4.70-metre-long version with five seats. Such vehicles with rainbow camouflage livery have been sighted more regularly lately, also in Norway. At 4.70 metres, the ID. Buzz would initially be similar in length to currently available MEB-based electric SUVs.

An all-wheel-drive with a second electric motor in the front is to be added later – again similar to the SUVs. In 2023, a long version stretched by almost 30 centimetres with space for a third row of seats will follow. A version with a length of around five metres is also in line with the market environment; most competitor models have a five-metre version on offer.

According to the report, both the People version with five seats for private customers and the ID. Buzz Cargo with a closed box at the rear and a flat load floor as a pure transporter will be launched in September.

In September, both the People version with seats and the ID. Buzz Cargo with a closed rear box and flat loading area as a pure transporter. Whether the alleged base price of just under 60,000 euros is the ID. Buzz Cargo or the People version is not clear from the report. With such an entry price, at least the cheaper versions would qualify for the reduced environmental bonus, which would correspond to a price reduction of 7,975 euros. However, the environmental bonus could only apply for a few months until the end of the year – the exact regulations for 2023 are not yet known.

For this price, the version with the 77 kWh battery (net) and the 150 kW electric motor in the rear should be available. A possible WLTP range is not mentioned. If and when the ID. Buzz will get a larger battery – according to earlier information, the MEB can cover up to 111 kWh – is not known.

Update 08 February 2022

Now the German publication Auto, Motor und Sport, citing its own sources, also reports on the possible prices of the ID. Buzz and becomes more concrete: The report states that the ID. Buzz for passenger car customers is “roughly based on the price of the ID.4, adjusted for equipment”. The report assumes that the version with the 77 kWh battery will be priced below the 55,000 euro mark, specifically “around 53,900 euros”. That would be a good deal below the “just under 60,000 euros” reported by Automobilwoche the day before.

With a base price of 53,900 euros, the ID. Buzz would still qualify for the reduced environmental bonus, which corresponds to a subsidy of 7,975 euros until the end of 2022. After deducting the subsidy, the price before customer would therefore start at around 45,000 euros. According to the car magazine, there will also be a “First Edition” at market launch, but this is likely to start at prices above 70,000 euros.

With this, the AMS also resolves the ambiguity as to which version the base price is. The ID. Buzz Cargo for professional users is supposed to be even cheaper, for this version (also with the 77 kWh battery) a net price of “well below 40,000 euros” is mentioned in the report with reference to the insiders. From this, the AMS derives a price of 38,900 euros. If VAT is added to this net price and the subsidy is deducted, the ID. Buzz Cargo should cost between 36,000 and 37,000 euros before the customer. For the third quarter of 2023, the ID. Buzz Cargo with a 52 kWh battery is planned for the third quarter of 2023, but a possible price range is not yet mentioned in this case.

But here, too, the prices have not been confirmed and it remains to be seen whether there will be clarity about the acquisition costs as early as the premiere on 9 March. (in German), (update)


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