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Is Volvo planning another electric crossover?

It looks like Volvo may release a new EV that could sit on another platform than its current models. Rumour has it the coming crossover would range between the XC60 and XC90 in size. According to media reports, production is set to start in 2024, and later around 100,000 units are to be built per year.

As Automotive News has learned from two insiders, the model developed under the code name V546 will be based on a new platform. However, whether Volvo will utilise its own EV platform or the SEA from parent company Geely is not confirmed.

According to the report, the new model will be built in China from 2024 and also at the US plant in South Carolina from 2025. Combined annual production of 100,000 units is planned, of which 60 per cent will be in China and 40 per cent in the US.

On the size of the vehicle, the second-generation XC60 is around 4.70 metres long, while the XC90 in the generation built since 2015, is 4.95 metres long. It has already been confirmed that the XC90 will have an all-electric successor in the form of a model that will probably be called ‘Embla’. However, it remains to be seen whether this vehicle will be somewhat larger and break the five-metre mark or whether the V546 will be significantly closer to the Embla than was previously the case with the XC60. It is also unclear whether the XC60 will be replaced in its size class by an electric SUV or dropped given the slightly larger crossover – if the insider information is at all correct. Volvo did not want to comment to Automotive News.

What is clear is that Volvo Cars intends to convert its Ridgeville plant in the US state of South Carolina into an all-electric car production facility, as reported. Furthermore, it is already known that production of the Polestar 3 electric SUV for the US market will begin there this year, as already officially announced. In addition, the all-electric successor to the Volvo XC90 will be built.

The V546 could compete with the Tesla Model Y based on data known so far. The model, built for the US market in Fremont and more recently in Austin, is 4.75 metres long and, with its curved roofline, is also not a classic SUV, but the concept is well received in the USA and internationally. So it seems obvious to develop an electric crossover with a similar orientation and position the Embla as the XC90 successor with seven seats as a larger model with a utility focus above it.

Volvo is known to want to sell only electric cars from 2030 and is gradually transforming its models and factories to achieve this. This week, the Swedish company not only announced the construction of a 50 GWh battery factory in Gothenburg together with partner Northvolt, but also extensive upgrades at the main plant in Torslanda.

With reporting by Sebastian Schaal, Germany.

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  1. Pat

    I wouldn’t be surprised for them to keep the XC60 & XC90 through the naming transition. Lynk&Co 09 is built on this SPA platform. The latest news from Geely is Lynk&Co will focus on mostly PHEV while Polestar & Zeekr focus on BEV only.

    A new BEV between PHEV XC60&XC90 along with the larger Embla (X7,GLS) would fit well into their EV line up. Probably replace the XC40/C40 with named vehicles along with various named sedans & estates as they are moved onto SEA-E and SEA-S when they are ready.

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