Juice Technology expands into the UK and Ireland

The Swiss charging infrastructure provider Juice Technology is expanding into the UK and Ireland. The company has founded the London-based subsidiary Juice UK and Ireland Ltd for this purpose that will start off with a four-person sales team.

Juice Technology intends to use the UK and Ireland subsidiary to drive sales of its charging solutions on both sides of the Irish Sea. This will include the company’s entire AC and DC portfolio, although the focus is likely to be on the company’s AC solutions.

“In order to make it easier for people to switch quickly, not only stationary charging stations such as the Juice Charger me are in demand, but also portable wallboxes such as the Juice Booster 2,” says founder and CEO Christoph Erni, highlighting two of the products. The company has put particular focus on the Juice Booster 2 as a mobile wallbox stating: “Portable wallboxes close gaps in the charging network by enabling charging exactly where the car is parked for a certain time anyway. Through their distribution, the switch to electromobility can be made quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively.”

In addition to the Juice Booster 2, the stationary wallbox Juice Charger me and the type 2 charging cable Juice Flow will also be offered. In addition, sales are to include the Juice Phaser, which is meant for single-phase charging vehicles: with this, vehicles can be charged with up to 25A and 5.8 kW at a 16A mains load without creating an unbalanced load.

Juice Technology calls the market entry a “consistent continuation of its expansion strategy”. It was only at the end of January 2022 that the company announced its intention to better serve the Scandinavian region through a new sales subsidiary called Juice Nordics based in Sweden.

Juice Technology also established a number of distribution companies in 2021: In the first quarter of 2021, a subsidiary was founded in Hangzhou, China, and a month later, the US subsidiary Juice Americas Inc. was founded with headquarters in Delaware. Then, at the end of August, a new subsidiary was founded in Villepinte, France.

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