Tritium chargers to be installed across Florida with Wise EV


In the USA, Tritium has announced a partnership with US firm Wise EV to provide fast chargers for a new national EV charging network. The charging network will start with 25 locations across Florida, with DC fast chargers at major gas stations through one of Wise EV’s gas station operation partners.

Renewable energy service provider Wise EV is launching a platform that will go live this month with features that include an enroute available charging network and tailored charging experiences for drivers. Wise EV plans to aggressively expand their network with Tritium’s fast charging technology. The charging infrastructure operator plans to establish their metropolitan charging hubs in 2022, and should be connected to other metropolitan charging hubs in other states in 2022 and 2023.

With Tritium’s HPC charging columns, Wise EV has plans to expand the network using a hub and spoke philosophy. This centres charging around metropolitan hubs that connecting to each other through interstate-based charging spokes. The aim here is for drivers to be able to travel from coast-to-coast with electric cars on this netowok.

After California, Florida boasts the second-largest passenger EV sales in the USA. The Department of Energy (DOE) says that Florida has now received the third largest state allocation thanks to February 10, 2022 Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) $615 million National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program Guidance. This is part of the $7.5 billion investment in electric vehicle charging as part of the 2022 Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act.

In summer last year we reported that, under a new law, cities in Florida were prohibited from being able to order gas stations to add electric vehicle charging stations. In the meantime, the state has spent its own money to add fast-charging stations on highways crisscrossing the sunshine state.

Wise EV has developed charging offers  for customers that they say have compelling business model with attractive leasing rates. The company has said they believe their offer is currently one of the most affordable ways to add fast charging to a property currently in the US.

The Australian fast-charging specialist Tritium is also making great headway in the US after recently announcing the location of their US manufacturing plant earlier this month.


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