Feb 24, 2022 - 03:52 pm

Finland to get 81 of Volvo’s 7900 Electric bus

Volvo Buses has received three orders from Finland for a total of 82 electric buses. Of these, 61 are destined for the capital Helsinki and represent the largest single order for Volvo Buses in Finland to date.

Volvo says that while all 82 vehicles on order are low-floor buses, the operators have opted for different lengths. In Helsinki, for example, they have ordered Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated 18-metre-long articulated buses. The articulated buses have pantographs and are loaded at the terminal stops via pantographs.

Numerous electric buses are already on the road in the Finnish capital; the operator Nobina has ordered these vehicles in several tranches from the Chinese manufacturer BYD.

The other two Volvo orders are for the twelve-metre version of the 7900 Electric. Of these, 13 will go to Joensuu and eight to Savonlinna this summer. In Savonlinna, the emission-free vehicles will be the first electric buses in the area. Volvo plans to deliver the electric buses in early 2023. The new electric buses won’t be alone for long, as the city plans to exclusively procure electric buses from now on.

“We fully support the city of Savonlinna as it takes its first steps towards electrifying its public transport,” says Petteri Reku, Volvo Buses, Country Manager, Finland. “As more and more cities around the world aim to become Zero Cities, these orders show that Volvo Buses is in a strong position to support the same transformation in Finland,” Reku pointed out.

Volvo has offered the current version of the 7900 Electric since 2017. The articulated bus version that carries 150 passengers was introduced in 2019.

The Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated 18-metre-long articulated buses have been popular in Nordic countries that are rapidly decarbonising their transport services. In neighbouring Sweden, 157 examples of this model were ordered for Transdev in Gothenburg, and a further 122 examples were ordered for public transport services provider Nobina in September last year for Swedish cities. Neighbouring Nordic country Denmark also ordered this model and put 29 examples of the 7900 Electric Articulated model into service in Ahus in summer last year. In yet another Nordic country – Norway – further examples of this exact model were ordered for the Norwegian Arctic Circle.

Finland is particularly active in electric mobility, not only in decarbonising its public transport, micromobility and cars, but also in terms of battery production and recycling.



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