Mar 8, 2022 - 11:47 am

Brandenburg to make water extraction allowances for Gigafactory

Following the environmental approval of the Gigafactory on Friday, a court ruling on the same day had jeopardised the water supply to the Tesla plant in Grünheide. The state of Brandenburg is now trying to defuse the conflict.

After the permit for water extraction, which was found to be illegal and also affects the Tesla factory, Brandenburg wants to tolerate partial extraction. This would allow the public water supply to be maintained, the Ministry of the Environment told the DPA.

On Friday evening, the Administrative Court of Frankfurt (Oder) had declared the water permit issued in 2020 “unlawful and unenforceable”. Among other things, the court criticised the fact that the public had not been involved in the increase in production. In a first reaction, the Straußberg-Erkner Water Association (WSE) had demanded that the state tolerate the water pumping until the procedure was made up for.

The WSE is allowed to pump 2.518 million cubic metres of water per year until further notice. This corresponds to the amount before the increase, which has now been ruled illegal. This is to guarantee the drinking water supply in the region.

According to the Ministry of the Environment, public participation could take about four months – after the grounds for the judgement are available.

However, the 1.4 million cubic metres of water actually contractually guaranteed by the WSE for Tesla would only be needed when the carmaker in Grünheide has actually reached its full capacity of 500,000 cars per year. When that will be the case is still unclear. According to a media report, the plant is currently still struggling with enormous problems with the production start-up of the Model Y Performance.

As Automobilwoche writes, citing company sources, “not a single saleable car has been built there yet”. The pre-production series – up to 2,000 vehicles are allowed – is still not being manufactured faultlessly. One of the problems is “clear deficits in the paintwork”. In addition, a Corona outbreak has forced numerous employees into quarantine, which has massively hampered work. According to the report, the production of Model Y Performance cars ready for sale could be delayed by “two to three months”. (water in German), (production issues in German)


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