Dance expands + adds new electric two-wheelers

Berlin-based startup Dance is now rolling out its premium subscription service for e-bikes to Hamburg, Munich, Vienna and Paris. In addition to expanding into new markets, Dance is adding another e-bike model and electric mopeds to its product range.

After a pilot phase in 2020, Dance was able to gather 15 million euros in financing. The company went live with its e-bike subscription services in August 2021. The idea behind the service is quite simple: subscribe to an e-bike online and get it delivered directly to your doorstep within one day without having to buy and maintain it. The monthly subscription offers members ownership of an e-bike for a limited period of time and can be cancelled at any time.

Now, due to high demand in Berlin, the service area is being expanded and the service is also offered in Hamburg, Munich, Vienna and Paris. Electric bikes are available in an annual subscription starting at 59 euros per month, or 79 euros with a flexible cancellation period without a fixed term. In the four new cities, there is a time-limited “welcome offer” that is ten euros cheaper per month.

In addition to the e-bike model known from Berlin, a low entry e-bike is now also available in all cities, which the company calls “Dance One Step” . The prices are the same, and both models are also compatible with a child seat, Dance says. In the German cities, i.e. Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, Dance members can also opt for a subscription to an e-moped from Niu. This then costs a regular 89 euros per month for an annual subscription or 119 euros with a flexible term. The “welcome offer” costs 79 or 99 euros for the Niu scooters.

The company’s electric bikes have a rack for saddle bags and are all compatible with child seats. The start-up is also launching the ‘Dance for Business’ service, through which companies can offer their employees an e-bike subscription as a benefit.


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