Tesla confirms Giga Berlin delivery launch for 22 March

Tesla has confirmed the planned date for the delivery of the first customer vehicles from the factory in Grünheide: According to invitations sent out by Tesla, the ‘Delivery Day’ will take place on 22 March at 3 pm.

This fits in with earlier information from media reports, according to which the opening ceremony at the factory was planned for 22 or 23 March. Elon Musk will also be there to accompany the handover of the first 30 Model Y Performance to customers.

About a week ago, Tesla had received the final environmental permit for the plant in Grünheide. At the press conference, it was said that the final permit provides for more than 400 conditions – however, the State Minister for the Environment, Axel Vogel, already stated at the time that Tesla wanted to fulfil these conditions within two weeks – that would be by 18 March. An opening on 22 March with the handover of the first customer cars would therefore be possible, provided that all conditions are really fulfilled in this time. No vehicles may be produced for sale at Giga Berlin until it has been proven that Tesla meets all the requirements.

Even though the invitation to the ‘Delivery Day’ shows a grey Model Y, most posts from Model Y performance owners on social media seem to indicate that mainly black vehicles will be delivered for the time being – black is the only solid colour in the range.

There had already been reports that deliveries from Grünheide would start with black and white Model Y Performance, with the other colours to follow from May – this was also confirmed by the estimated delivery times in the Tesla configurator.

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