Mar 23, 2022 - 12:19 pm

eMobility update: Tesla finally opens German Gigafactory ++ VW to launch 25 EVs in the US ++ Audi looks into small electric cars


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Welcome to this eMobility Update and these are the headlines in electric transport today: Tesla opens Giga Berlin ++ Volkswagen to launch 25 EVs in the US ++ Audi approaches the small car segment ++

#1 – Tesla opens Giga Berlin

Tesla has finally started vehicle production at the German gigafactory near Berlin on Tuesday. The so-called Delivery Day also marked the opening of Tesla’s first production site in Europe in the presence of CEO Elon Musk and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. In one of its rare official announcements, the American carmaker said that the factory in Grünheide would produce cars for all European markets and did not hold back on more superlatives.

#2 – Volkswagen to launch 25 EVs in the US

Volkswagen has revealed its latest strategy for the US market. The Group wants to release twenty-five electric models in the United States within the decade. By this time, electric vehicle sales are to approach fifty-five per cent. Further announcements see Volkswagen aiming to discontinue all fossil-fuelled models in the US by the end of the decade. That’s also when the German carmaker needs to have resolved any production issues.

#3 – Audi looks into smaller EVs

Staying under the Volkswagen umbrella, Audi is looking into making small electric cars – still as premium models, of course. Development manager Oliver Hoffmann suggested as much when announcing that Audi would electrify across the board. “We will electrify all core segments by 2027,” Hoffmann said in an interview with German media. “This includes the A-segment, where we clearly see the need for premium vehicles in future,” he said. Only for Audi, this terrain will be completely new.

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