IBU-Tec introduces new LFP cathode material


IBU-Tec Advanced Materials is expanding its product family of LFP battery materials with a second variant. The new version, IBUvolt LFP200, uses smaller particles and is intended to enable new applications, according to the manufacturer.

The company had introduced the previous variant IBUvolt LFP400 in October 2021, so the new LFP200 is the first further development of IBU-Tec’s own battery material. The lithium iron phosphate material does not require raw materials such as nickel, manganese and cobalt.

According to the manufacturer, the LFP200 is characterised by a smaller particle size. At the same time, IBU-Tec emphasises that the real strength lies in the combination of both materials: “The combination of IBUvolt LFP200 and IBUvolt LFP400 enables a more homogeneous coating of cathodes. Battery and cell manufacturers can significantly increase the energy density of batteries and thus achieve performance advantages that are important, for example, in electric vehicles.”

IBU-Tec says it is already working closely with international customers “to develop individual mixtures for different requirements”. Details on this and which customers are involved are not mentioned in the statement. It is known that IBU-Tec supplies Blackstone Technology with cathode material for its 3D-printed LFP cells.

The product line is soon to be expanded to include other variants besides the IBUvolt LFP200 and LFP400. The company is “already working on additional further developments of its LFP product line”, according to the statement. Specifically, a mixture with added manganese is mentioned, an LMFP combination. IBU-Tec does not intend to develop NMC cathode materials with nickel, manganese and cobalt. It said it could offer customers “a wide range of different cathode active materials that are not based on nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) compounds and thus do not require rare, expensive and ecologically critical materials”.

“With our expanded portfolio of battery products, we are positioning ourselves more and more broadly. IBUvolt LFP200 enables our customers to develop new applications and improve performance,” says Ulrich Weitz, CEO of IBU-Tec. “Our own battery materials are a success story: IBU-tec is currently the only supplier of LFP material based in Europe and delivers first-class quality, which is expressed in superior performance characteristics. By expanding and bundling our product portfolio under the name IBUvolt, we can offer our customers a comprehensive range and thus further expand our leading position in this growth market.”


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