Evie Networks spreads charging across Victorian towns

In Australia, Evie Networks has announced new public EV fast charging stations in 55 towns and communities throughout rural and regional Victoria. The 55 Tritium 50kW fast chargers are expected to be operational by mid-2023.

Evie Networks currently operates a total of 58 charging sites across Australia, each typically equipped with two fast (50kW) or ultra-fast (350kW) EV chargers. For the expansion of the network with 55 chargers in 55 Victorian towns Evie says it has placed a multi-million-dollar order for the supply of fast-charging equipment with Brisbane-based Tritium.

“The Federal Government’s Future Fuels Fund program will provide excellent coverage in high population metropolitan areas, and the Victorian Government’s Destination Charging Across Victoria program will ensure regional communities will also enjoy strong EV charging coverage so they aren’t left behind,” said Evie Networks CEO Chris Mills.

In 2019, Evie Networks began building a fast charging network for electric cars on motorways throughout Australia in cooperation with California-based EV Connect. Evie says it has also rolled out charging stations in suburban Melbourne and has plans to expand coverage “throughout the entire Mornington Peninsula-Melbourne-Geelong metropolitan area”.

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