Neta S to release with over 700 km range

The Chinese electric car brand Neta from Hozon Auto has unveiled its next model, the Neta S, a sporty electric sedan. This will be offered in a pure battery-electric version as well as a variant with a range extender.

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The S is Neta’s (sometimes also referred to as Nezha) first sedan, currently, the manufacturer sells two electric SUVs called the U and V. The S is said to have an energy consumption of 12 kWh/100km according to NEDC with its flatter design (and thus better aerodynamics).

Apart from the consumption and range of 710 kilometres for the BEV version and up to 1,100 kilometres with the range extender (both figures again according to NEDC), Neta did not provide any further technical data on the powertrains. What is clear is that the Neta S is based on the new architecture called “Shanhai”, which only allows BEV drives and the range extender. A direct drive by the combustion engine is probably not planned for the platform. Since CATL acquired a stake in Neta last November, it is likely that CATL will also supply the cells.

According to the information from China, the Neta S is 4.80 meters long with a wheelbase of 2.90 meters. The sedan is a smooth two meters wide and 1.40 meters high. This makes the vehicle slightly larger than a Tesla Model 3 and more comparable to models such as the Nio ET5, Xpeng P7, the upcoming BYD Seal or the BMW i3 eDrive 35L (an electric 3 Series sedan, not to be confused with the i3 known in Europe).

Basically, the variable platform allows wheelbases between 2.75 and 3.10 meters. Of the future model series that will use the “Shanhai” architecture, the Neta S is therefore more in the middle. There will probably still be larger and smaller models. According to reports, coupes, vans and SUVs are possible in addition to sedans.

The interior of the Neta S is dominated by a large portrait touchscreen in the center. The driver receives all important information via a rather minimalist display behind the steering wheel or a large head-up display. The front passenger also has his own display. Comfort is rounded off by heated and ventilated massage seats or speakers in the headrests (21 speakers are installed throughout the car).

With 13 cameras, twelve ultrasonic sensors, five radar sensors and two lidar units, the Neta S is said to be Level 4 capable when it comes to autonomous driving. Pricing for China is not yet known. It is also open whether the S will be offered in other markets.

Update 02 August 2022

The Chinese electric car brand Neta from Hozon Auto has now launched its sedan Neta S, which was presented in April, on the domestic market. With this, the prices are now also known: The Neta S will be offered as a BEV-only model at prices between 279,800 and 338,800 yuan (the equivalent of about 40,500 to 49,000 euros at present), while the variants with a range extender will cost between 199,800 and 239,800 yuan (about 29,000 to 34,500 euros).,,, (update)


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