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May 11, 2023 - 11:08 am

BYD lowers prices for the Seal in China

BYD is lowering the entry-level price in China for its Seal electric sedan, which was introduced last year, to below 200,000 yuan for the first time. Officially, however, BYD is not talking about a price reduction, but about the relaunch of a cheaper facelift.

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Mar 14, 2023 - 09:51 am

Neta starts building EV factory in Thailand

Hozon Auto’s Chinese electric car subsidiary Neta started constructing its first production facility outside China. The facility in Bangkok is scheduled to go into operation at the end of January 2024. The new plant will become Neta’s key location for manufacturing and exporting right-hand drive electric cars to ASEAN countries.

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Jan 12, 2023 - 04:18 pm

Neta to source vehicle chassis from CATL

Hozon Auto’s Chinese electric car brand Neta and battery manufacturer CATL have signed a cooperation agreement which will make Neta the first Chinese EV start-up to utilise CATL’s skateboard chassis, known as CIIC for short.

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Apr 25, 2022 - 12:41 pm

Neta S to release with over 700 km range

The Chinese electric car brand Neta from Hozon Auto has unveiled its next model, the Neta S, a sporty electric sedan. This will be offered in a pure battery-electric version as well as a variant with a range extender.

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Nov 15, 2021 - 02:05 pm

CATL invests in BEV brand Neta

Battery cell manufacturer CATL has acquired a stake in Neta Automobile, an electric car brand of Hozon Auto. CATL will supply Neta with battery cells in the future and develop electric car technologies together with Neta.

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May 2, 2017 - 09:13 am

VW, GAC, eCrafter, Tesla, Hozon Auto.

VW accelerates its electric drive: Volkswagen wants to triple investment into electric motors as CEO Müller intends to further invest up to 9bn euros in this section through 2022, up from 3bn. The effort includes the development of an hybrid drive destined for the U.S. market. However, this doesn’t mean VW is to refocus its entire business. The group also calculates with a budget of another 10bn euros to further develop combustion engine tech in order to comply with new emission regulation.
reuters.com, electrek.co

Industrial park for PEV: GAC has kicked off the installation of a large industrial park dedicated to development and production of EVs and PHEVs in Guangzhou. On 5m square metres, GAC is to erects an R&D centre as well as a plant with an annual capacity of 200,000 electrified cars. The first construction phase shall be concluded by late 2018, with finalisation scheduled for late 2025. GAC has earmarked more than 45bn yuan ($6.52bn) for the park as it shall feature not only smart manufacturing but also the development of an eco town.

Volkswagen-eCrafter-300x150eCrafter to be produced in Poland: After presenting the electric version of its Crafter at last year’s IAA, VW now chose a production facility in Września/Poland. Market entry is still scheduled for the ongoing year, unclear is how many eCrafers are going to be produced.
auto.economictimes.indiatimes.com, wbj.pl

Tesla’s battery update gets cheaper: Updating the 60 kWh version of Tesla’s Model X in order to unlock the full 75 kWh capacity now costs 4,500 dollars. That is 2,000 dollars less than before, but still more than double of what Model S 60 owners pay for the additional 15 kWh. Meanwhile, Tesla CEO Elon Musk met China’s Vice Premier Wang Yang. No official statement on the talks has been issued but it is likely, they discussed Tesla’s planned production in China.
insideevs.com (battery upgrade), teslarati.com (China)

New EV brand in China: Zhejiang Hezhong New Energy Vehicles introduces a new brand for electric vehicles dubbed Hozon Auto. With the production license granted, the manufacturer is building a plant to initially launch 50,000 cars per year from 2019. Its first model is an SUV with wing doors called “@”. Its resemblance to Tesla’s Model X is striking.

First photo of Tesla Semi: The first teaser picture of the Tesla truck scheduled for September rather creates curiosity than revealing something.
electrek.co, insideevs.com


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