Polestar reveals updates and a better CO2 balance

Polestar has new features for its all-electric Polestar 2. In addition to the larger battery for the basic version already announced in March, the design and equipment updates include new colours, rims and interior trim.

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The Polestar 2 comes with a new colour range, while the standard 19-inch wheels and the optional 20-inch wheels will receive new designs. The company says it has also managed to reduce CO2 emissions in production processes.

Until now, Polestar 2 owners with the Performance Package used to get power upgrades from 300 to 350 kW via a software update. In future, the power upgrade to 350 kW will simply be included in the package in Europe.

Fredrika Klarén, head of sustainability at Polestar explains: “In our programme updates we want to take action on improvements that can make a positive sustainability impact quickly, rather than traditional mid-cycle facelifts.” She adds: “Product optimisation programmes are common in the car industry, but we are taking an extended approach at Polestar, combining these with CO2e reduction programmes as well.”

In addition, Polestar points to its partnership with Circulor. This will not only make the cobalt supply chain traceable via blockchain, as before, but also the mica materials. Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath says the company has reviewed the materials and processes used in the manufacture of the Polestar 2 and introduced updates that reduce the impact on the climate and improve the traceability of the materials.

Orders for the updated Polestar 2 variants can be placed online now. Delivery is expected to take place from September 2022, with Polestar giving assurances that it remains fully capable of delivering.

In Germany, prices start at 43,725 euros for the Standard Range Single Motor, which now has a larger battery and more charging power. The Long Range Single Motor costs 46,925 euros, the Long Range Dual Motor is listed by Polestar at 49,425 euros. However, the manufacturer’s share of the German Environmental Bonus has already been deducted from these prices.

Update 6 May 2022:

After the 2023 Polestar 2 was introduced in Europe last week, the company has announced design updates, range estimates and pricing for the US-spec model.

Pricing for the updated 2023 Polestar 2 Long range Single motor will start at $48,400 in the US, or $40,900 including the $7,500 federal tax rebate.

Polestar says that quipment upgrades for the Polestar 2 include an upgraded heat pump designed for better cold-weather performance, new design options across the interior and exterior of the car, and a more advanced air quality sensor.

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