Ex Chargemaster CEO David Martell launches intuitive home charger Evios One

Chargemaster’s former CEO David Martell has launched a new company called Evios that just presented its first home charger. According to the company, the Evios One is the “smartest and most intuitive charger” on the market.

Superlatives aside, Evios claims you need no manual and has indeed some forward-looking features. There is, for example, a large colour screen unusual for comparable home chargers. Evios further claims a “jargon-free user interface”, e.g. users can quickly see how many miles have been added in each charging session and the cost. The Evios One can also integrate with home energy tariffs and solar installations.

There are also three modes which admittedly speak much for themselves. Called Pure Speed, Pure Green, and Pure Value, they prioritise charging at a low price or the fastest charging or charging when renewable energy is available.

David Martell, who led Chargemaster until BP acquired the network in 2018, says, “We evaluated all of the existing home chargers on the market and saw that too often they are hard to understand and control.” In the long run, so Evios’ argument, this will put people off from switching to EVs. “Much attention is given to developing the quality and quantity of public charge points, but the majority of charging will need to take place at homes,” adds Martell, meaning useability will become an asset.

Evios here refers to the government having announced that all new homes and refurbished apartment blocks must have charging points from later this year and that from 2030 all new cars must be electric. The company estimates that most of the ten million UK dwellings with driveways or parking areas are likely to be fitted with home chargers.

With this in mind, Evios offers PIN codes for individuals for charge point owners to see who charged when and how much. This multi-user access also allows installation in apartment buildings and shared parking facilities. There is also the option to manage multiple charge points through one account.

Offers to buy include interest-free monthly instalments and an all-inclusive package that provides for the cost of installation. Evios here states prices from £1,195 but has only opened reservations so far. Those interested may choose between 7kW single-phase or 22 kW three-phase and cables measuring five or seven metres.

The home charger is designed, manufactured and shipped from a new purpose-built production facility in Stewartby, Bedfordshire. The company says the decision to produce the Evios One in the UK was a strategic objective to minimise the financial and environmental cost of delivery for UK motorists.

Evios expects installations to become available from June 2022.



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