May 2, 2022 - 01:49 pm

Connected Kerb launches new on-street charge point Chameleon

Connected Kerb, a British EV charging provider, has launched a new on-street charge point for EV users without driveways. The Chameleon is a charger in the style of a bollard and requires no planning permission. It is available as a single or dual charge socket in both 7 kW and 22 kW and follows the company’s other lines.

Connected Kerb’s solution combines power and data at the kerb. The Chameleon, for example, supports future technologies such as 5G, IoT and air quality sensors. It follows the modular design of all Connected Kerb charging points with enabling infrastructure that contains key components sitting underground.

Standing under one metre tall, the company says the Chameleon is “one of the lowest impact and smallest dual charger solutions for public on-street charging in the market”.

Like Connected’s other hardware, it relies on AC for overnight charging and EV drivers without a driveway. In this, the company speaks mostly to local authorities, and last November published a target to install 190,000 public AC chargers in the UK by 2030. The investment was estimated at 1.9 billion pounds (2.22 billion euros). 

The Government’s On-Street Residential Charging Scheme (ORCS) covers up to 75% of the cost of installation. Connected Kerb said it would cover the remaining 25 per cent, enabling some local authorities to install free of charge.

Connected Kerb entered the market in early 2019 with the first chargers in London, mounted on the kerb, on traffic sign poles or boundary bollards at the side of the road. The company says it now has charge points at around 300 locations in the UK.

Their 2022-target includes installing 5,000 charging points across the UK this year with claimed contracts for 30,000 and 190,000 set to be deployed by 2030 as mentioned above.

For the new Chameleon charger, Connected says it may also be deployed by residential and commercial developers, workplace managers and fleet operators. Interested parties must contact the sales team directly.,

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