Allego installs fast-charging at restaurants in France

Allego is to install ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles at 15 Groupe Bertrand restaurant locations in France in cooperation with Volkswagen Group France. There will be at least four HPC charging points and one AC charging point per location.

Volkswagen Group France wants to participate in the HPC programme supported by the French government and is creating the conditions for this through the partnership with Allego. French regulations stipulate that an AC charging point must be present at each location.

Although Allego has not yet said exactly which fast-charging stations it will build as part of the cooperation, a published rendering shows a location with three Alpitronic Hypercharger HYC300 with up to 300 kW charging power in front of a restaurant. It is not yet clear whether these will be exclusively Hyperchargers or also other fast-charging columns.

Founded in 1997, Groupe Bertrand is one of the leading players in the hotel and restaurant industry in France. The company now employs more than 30,000 people in businesses such as catering, restaurants and brasseries. Its brands include Hippopotamus, Léon, Volfoni and Au Bureau.

Mathieu Bonnet, CEO of Allego said: “We are thrilled to partner with Groupe Bertrand as it builds on our companies’ mission to provide suitable EV charging solutions at the right time and place.” He explained: “Given Groupe Bertrand expansive network throughout France, this agreement will be a terrific addition to the network we are currently rolling out and help create a solid network of HPC charging solutions across the country.”,


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