Citroën is getting ready to go off-road with limited edition BEV

The off-road variant of the electric light vehicle Ami shown by Citroën in December 2021 will not remain a mere concept: Due to the positive response to the My Ami Buggy Concept, Citroën is launching a limited edition on 21 June – but only 50 copies and only in France.

While the production run is extremely limited, the company refers to the fact that they listened to their customers for the vehicle design. The regular Ami is, fortunately, available in less limited numbers across Europe. The vehicle does make sense as a beach buggy, with its range of up to 70 kilometres and a top speed of up to 45 km/h.

“The public reacted enthusiastically when we presented the My Ami Buggy Concept and many customers asked for it,” said Laurence Hansen, Director of Citroën Strategy and Product, adding: “Today, we are pleased to be able to bring the spirit of this concept to life with this exclusive My Ami Buggy series and to illustrate once again the potential for customising Ami. With no doors and a convertible roof, My Ami Buggy allows the driver and passenger to feel freer and to enjoy silent driving in electric mode.”,


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