Aqua Superpower brings boat chargers to Sweden & USA

Global marine fast charging network Aqua Superpower expands into the US and Scandinavia with installations at Lake Tahoe and on the west coast of Sweden.

In the US, TahoeCity Marina now boasts the first Aqua Superpower marine fast charger installation in the country. The Alpine lake area is famous for its clean and clear water. Here, Aqua says its new highpower DC charger at Tahoe City Marina is just the first of a smart network of chargers that are to be rolled out along the shores of the lake.

Across the Atlantic, the first Nordic marine chargers in Sweden are being installed at Lyckans Slip Marina. Lyckans Slip is a popular marina and guest harbour on the west coast of Sweden, set in the former fishing village of Fiskebäckskil. Here, Lyckans Slip is making making electric boat fast charging available to its customers.

Conny Holmberg, Marina Director of Lyckans Slip says: “I want Lyckans Slip to be well ahead of the expected surge in clean electric boating. With over 70 electric boat builders currently in operation, there is a growing and fast-evolving range of models for boat lovers to explore. Our new AQUA 75 DC rapid charger will allow them to charge and regain their autonomy in as little as 20min – 90mins. That’s the time it takes to have a leisurely lunch at our on-site restaurant.”

The UK-based company Aqua Superpower has already made waves with its fast-charging infrastructure for marine vessels on the Catalan coastline. For this Spanish project, the Catalan Association of Sports and Tourist Harbours ACPET has entered into a cooperation Aqua Superpower to create charging infrastructure for electric boats along Catalonia’s 580 kilometres of coastline. Here, Aqua Superpower is supplying and installing its smart grid chargers free of charge for owners or operators of the sites. The devices will enable DC charging with powers ranging from 25 to 150 kW for private and commercial electric and hybrid boats, from jet skis to passenger ferries.

Aqua Superpower says it is rolling out its network of marine fast chargers. Beyond the new projects mentioned above in the USA and Sweden, along with the earlier project in Sapin, the company also has charging installations along the Cote d’Azur, the Italian Riviera, Venice, the UK and Canada. (US), (Sweden)


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