SAIC & ChingTao open solid-state battery laboratory

The Chinese carmaker SAIC wants to use solid-state batteries in one of its electric models as early as next year. SAIC has now set up a joint laboratory with the solid-state battery specialist ChingTao Energy Development to develop the batteries.

SAIC’s declared goal is to enable a range of over 1,000 kilometres with the new batteries according to Chinese standards. If, at the same time, the required installation space in the vehicles is not to increase, a higher energy density would be necessary.

SAIC and ChingTao have published some key data on the planned solid-state batteries, such as the targeted range and a 4C fast-charging capability. However, the partners do not provide any information on the type of solid-state technology – not everything that is described as a solid-state battery actually brings the hoped-for advantages in terms of costs. Based on the range target, it can be assumed that SAIC and ChingTao want to increase the energy density, and safety and service life are also to be improved.

Details about the SAIC model, in which the first solid-state cells are to be installed as early as next year, are also not known.

ChingTao recently began construction of a production facility for solid-state batteries in Kunshan in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu, which will be designed for an annual capacity of 10 GWh. This is the company’s second factory – ChingTao has had a solid-state lithium battery production line with an annual capacity of 1 GWh since 2020.

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Alvin Rivera
20.07.2022 um 13:42
SAIC is developing batteries for helicopter for long range.

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