Xing Mobility shows battery immersion cooling system for heavy utility vehicles


Xing Mobility, a Taiwanese supplier of EV technologies, has introduced a new battery system with immersion cooling at the Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart. According to Xing, the Immersio XM25 is particularly well suited for heavy duty vehicles.

The Immersio XM25 combines a battery pack with a battery management system and an active safety module, according to the company. The new product builds on Xing Mobility’s Immersio 1.0 battery system, which debuted in 2019.

Immersio, or immersion cooling technology, involves the battery cells being completely surrounded by coolant. Cooling plates or channels that only touch one or two sides of a battery cell are otherwise common – the heat transfer takes place over a significantly smaller area than with immersion cooling. As an advantage of its own solution, Xing claims a more even distribution of the temperature in the battery cell and the efficiency of the cooling. This is supposed to enable “super-fast” charging and double the service life of the cells.

The C-rate shows that the system is primarily designed for commercial vehicles with correspondingly large batteries: charging is possible with 1C, discharging with 1.67C. System voltages of up to 800 volts are possible, and Xing states a service life of over 3,000 cycles.

According to Xing Mobility, it has already found an initial customer for the new system: The Immersio XM25 is currently being integrated by an unnamed Asian commercial vehicle manufacturer in a model whose production is scheduled to start at the end of 2022.

Last year, the German supplier Mahle also presented a system for battery immersion cooling, but with a focus on electric cars.

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