Xing Mobility presents electric drive for boats


Xing Mobility, a Taiwanese supplier of electric vehicle technologies, has introduced a modular e-drive for maritime applications. This includes the Immersio modular battery system with immersion cooling, which is suitable for use in boats and passenger ferries.

The battery system, which the company presented at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Florida, consists of standardized, compact modules and is intended to directly replace the combustion engine in terms of installation position. Size, shape and performance requirements should be flexibly adaptable to the respective application.

With this modular system and some suitable direct drives, boat builders and shipyards will not only be able to design new ships for electric drives without great effort, but will also be able to retrofit existing vehicles. What is surprising is the wide range of applications that the manufacturer mentions: the Immersio system is to be able to be used both in high-performance boats and in passenger ferries.

Xing Mobility does not go into detail about the technical data in the communication. With immersion cooling, the battery cells are directly immersed in a non-conductive coolant. This is intended to significantly improve the heat transfer between the cell and the coolant due to the direct contact. As one of the few figures, Xing states 3,000 charging cycles or more that the battery system should be able to cope with.

“We quickly identified the marine and boating industries as prime potential benefactors of our modular battery technology because we know there is a huge unmet demand for electrification in this market,” says co-founder and CTO Azizi Tucker. “We see the main drivers of this demand to be a reduction in noise, vibration, odors and emissions as well as an increase in reliability due to the lack of maintenance needed in electric boats”.

The market for electric propulsion systems on the water is indeed growing steadily. However, established companies such as ABB, Volvo Penta or Danfoss are already active in this field – as are smaller specialist companies such as Torqeedo.


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