ICPT orders battery cells from InoBat Auto

InoBat Auto and Impact Clean Power Technology have signed an agreement to develop and supply battery cells. InoBat will develop prismatic battery cells according to Impact’s requirements.

These will be integrated into a battery system developed by Impact. These battery systems will be manufactured by Impact (or ICPT for short) and in the “GigafactoryX” in Poland for use in an electric bus of a European manufacturer. However, InoBat Auto does not give any details about this cell in the announcement – for a good reason: in the first phase of the cooperation, the two parties want to concentrate on the development of an early prototype of the sample cell before thorough tests follow. In other words, the characteristics of this cell have not yet been determined.

As Marian Bocek, co-founder and CEO of InoBat Auto, points out, it is part of the company’s customer-oriented approach to develop customised battery cells for the respective application – and not to sell cells “off the shelf”. “We are delighted to be working with Impact to create a truly differentiated electric battery cell that meets the needs of their innovative battery systems as we both drive towards achieving our mutual goals to enable the transition towards zero emissions transport,” says Bocek.

Bartłomiej Kras, President of Impact’s Board of Directors, added: “Our focus on innovative battery systems with bespoke parameters to provide a market advantage in every segment of our business are constantly developing with every generation of our solutions.”

Impact Clean Power Technology (ICPT) is a Polish manufacturer of battery systems for heavy-duty vehicles such as buses, as well as stationary energy storage systems. The GigafactoryX is scheduled to go into operation in 2024 with a production capacity of 2 GWh, with 5 GWh planned for the final expansion. Important: ICPT will not produce the battery cells itself in the factory, but will assemble battery systems from purchased cells – for example from InoBat Auto.

Incidentally, the exact scope of the agreement is not made clear in the press release. It is therefore unclear when the first battery cells will be delivered and, above all, in what quantities. Financial details of the agreement are also not known.



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