Supernal to use eVTOL batteries by EP Systems

Hyundai’s air mobility subsidiary Supernal has announced cooperating with Electric Power Systems (EP Systems) to develop eVTOL batteries. The announcement was made at the Farnborough International Airshow and is Supernal’s first partnership.

Supernal says it aims to work within an “open ecosystem” to address the niche technology needs of what Hyundai calls Advanced Air Mobility (AAM).

“Advanced Air Mobility requires an expansive value chain, and many aspects – from battery power to digital infrastructure and passenger experience – require improvements and cross-chain integration to enable progress,” said Jaiwon Shin, President of Hyundai Motor Group and CEO of Supernal.

EP Systems specialises in (electric) aviation and counts NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration, Boeing, Safran, Bell Textron, Diamond Aircraft, VoltAero, Aura Aero and Embraer among its customers.

For Supernal, their future eVTOLs or air taxis will require high-density energy storage, and the company says EP System’s “unique battery management system provides an elevated solution”.

EP Systems has numerous battery systems currently powering human-crewed and autonomous aircraft (e.g., Diamond eDA-40, NASA X-57, Aurora Flight Sciences Pegasus, Embraer Ipanema and Boeing CAV). While it is unclear which system Supernal will opt for, EPS features a patented, lightweight containment box to produce safer battery systems.

Supernal launched in November 2021 as a US-based Hyundai subsidiary. The company aims to develop several electric air vehicles. The first commercial flight is scheduled to take place in 2028. also learnt that Electric Power Systems announced $100 million in funding to date from Boeing, Safran and Jet Blue Technology Ventures.

EP Systems has a new 16-acre campus in North Logan, Utah, where it is building out 70,000 square feet of manufacturing space to accommodate a production ramp as it nears FAA certification. The first commercial units rolling off the production line are scheduled for Q1 2023.

The company’s Mobile Microgrid truck (Mobile Mic for short) recharges batteries for planes in 20 minutes.

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