Hyundai orders compact electric drive systems from BorgWarner

Hyundai has selected the iDM146 integrated drive module from BorgWarner to power another electric model in the A-segment. The start of production is planned for the third quarter of 2024. This is the Korean manufacturer’s second order for the iDM146.

Hyundai Motor Group had already ordered said electric drive module last year for use in a small electric car, production of which is scheduled to start in mid-2023. The 400-volt unit has a peak output of 135 kW. In addition to the integration of gearbox and motor in one housing, the most important features of the iDM146 include the scalable and modular inverter design, which should be easy to adapt to customer requirements.

The e-machine itself is what the company calls an IPM electric motor unit, which stands for “interior permanent magnet” – so it is a PSM. The 146 refers to the outer diameter of the stator, which is 146 millimetres. For the stator itself, BorgWarner uses hairpin windings, which increase the copper filling level compared to classic wire windings.

As usual, the supplier’s announcement does not give any details about the vehicle in which the iDM146 is to be installed. It is therefore unclear whether this is just another order for a variant of the first e-car, or whether it is the offshoot of a different corporate brand. Or whether a fundamentally different model is planned.

“Our partnership with the Hyundai Motor Company spans two decades, and we’re delighted to continue our relationship by supplying our latest technology for the company’s newest electrification project,” said Stefan Demmerle, President and General Manager, BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems. “Our iDM proved an ideal fit for the customers’ electric propulsion system during our first EV collaboration, and we look forward to contributing industry-leading electrification solutions to assist the company in meeting its future sustainability goals.”

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