GKN Automotive presents new powertrain test bench

GKN Automotive has developed a new test bench for powertrain components of electric vehicles. According to GKN, the new real-time test bench at the Offenbach site can handle the extreme drive forces and higher torque of electrified powertrains.

Conventional test benches are not capable of mapping the high requirements for the latest-generation driveshaft tests, it said. The new test bench now is capable of testing specific load data provided by the customer, as well as dynamically controlling speed and torque. For example, it can be used to simulate drive wheel spin and other complex scenarios.

In addition, GKN Automotive says it has already delivered eDrive systems for more than two million electrified vehicles around the world. Increasing demand for electric vehicles has enabled GKN to expand the range and volume of its products for existing customers, as well as target new players in the industry, it said.

Most recently, GKN Automotive launched its next-generation inverter, which is compatible with 800 V technology. The company said the new 800-volt inverter would offer a 20 per cent power increase over the previous version. In addition to the power increase, the power density has also been increased by 50 per cent and the power-to-weight ratio by 60 per cent, and the copper content was reduced by 63 per cent.

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